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Pivotal moments in life where we must choose. In life, win or lose?

Time to be true. Time to be who God called me to be.

In life, I either win or lose. For me, that's choosing life with God or without. Period. The choice is mine. It's up to me. I've decided I will no longer play small. I will be courageous in my living, generous in my giving and impactful in my serving. Everything I do, I will do in excellence. I will not wait for time, I will make it. It's time for me to stand on God's words and His promises with renewed vigor. It's time to accept the victory that has already been won. It's time to be bold, brave and brilliant for God's glory. It's time to be unapologetic about my existence. It's time to unleash my gifts to positively impact the world. It's time I embrace the truth: what God says about me and the favor over my life. In life, I choose to WIN! Here's how the journey began! Flip through my life.

Time to be uncomfortable. Time to share all of me.


Time to live most authentically!


- Melonie Butler 

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We enjoyed a wonderfully intimate "Cocktails and Conversations" book release event on Friday, March 16th 6:30 pm. This event was attended by those who pre-ordered the limited edition, exclusive book. Click link for Pictures.  

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Thank you for a wonderful book release reception!

It's a completely different style of book. Stories are shared in visual spreads. 

Melonie Butler, wife and mother of three sons, is a socialpreneur, marketing consultant and, now, Author of Time to Choose. This Philly-area native spends most of her days serving as the Executive Director of the nonprofit she founded, I Choose To Win*. 

Butler shares with transparency and vulnerability pivotal moments in her life's journey that awakened her to God's voice and prompted her to exercise the power of choice when fighting internal battles. Relate to and connect with her life's journey in this creative book and magazine-style compilation of reflections, photos and poetry. 


About the Author

The power of choice resides in you. Activate it.

Melonie Butler 

*I Choose To Win is a 501 (c)(3) Philadelphia-area nonprofit that seeks to edify, empower and equip women to win in life. To learn more, visit 

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The time is always right to do what is right. 

Every choice has a guaranteed consequence. Choose wisely.

Maybe I am here for such a time as this. Maybe it's time to actually share my voice, my story, my journey and my struggles. Maybe it's that unique style of mine that is effective at reaching someone in a spirit of understanding. Maybe I am just full of myself and sharing all of me because I have the audacity to do so. Maybe it's my birthday and I will do as I please. Maybe when God placed this desire in my heart to share my struggles, battles, obstacles and stories of overcoming, it was for someone else's breakthrough. Maybe it's for mine. Just maybe. So, here goes.          

Excerpt . . .

Storytelling done differently! Butler incorporates original poems, images and reflections throughout.

Help refresh and create a new narrative; one that is positive, true and life-giving. Our words and self-talk are essential to our success journey.

A glimpse into the content of this beautifully designed, vibrant and unique, magazine-style compilation of reflections, photos and poetry.

No Validation Zone

Heart Check

Exercising the power of choice will impact your Mindset, Action Steps and Life Steps toward "winning!"

The honesty and transparency in this book will cause you to relate to and connect with the author on a deeper level, while assessing your own life.

Once you've defined what it means to win in life, you will not need validation, affirmation or approval.

Reach your goals

Propel you to Action

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We Need Each Other

This will remind just how powerful the mind collaborates with the body when making decisions and taking action.

How you feel about yourself will impact the way you treat others. Self love first. Love others well, second.

Explore U again!

Redefine "Winning"

It attempts to awaken readers who may be sleepwalking through life. It reminds us to connect with our "true" selves to live more fully.

Define what it means to "win" to you! Based on your own ideals and values, create a statement of your own. Then, muster the courage to live it.

Refresh your mind

Thank you for your support.

Let this book be a tool to help awaken in you, your own time to choose.

This book offers a true glimpse of me. 

Dig deep with this introspective book and journey through life!

Spark meaningful conversation with someone you love.

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